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: Wig & Closure Line
Honeycomb Burmese Hair Line
Starting at $46.00
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Welcome to The Bobbeelee Collection

Welcome to the Bobbeelee Collection, the home of "The bee-hive of bee-uty". With the world of hair extensions being in high demand, it can very overwhelming when attempting to choose the right retailer, especially when many of them claim to offer quality products and they are not selling what they say. This rapidly growing market can leave the consumer with two things in mind while shopping for hair extensions. Their thoughts of searching are "good hair" at an "affordable price" at the end of the day.  But until they are provided with the knowledge of what these thoughts will get them, they will often find themselves shopping continuously for hair extensions or extremely happy to have found a company and they're seaching has ended. Now when searching or shopping for quality hair extensions, you will find its no different than shopping for that certain level of quality in anything that you would normally purchase.  From the designer lables to the store named brand or the high end automobile to the economically priced vehicle, shopping hair extensions are much the same.  We are finding the consumer knows just what they want, but are having a great deal of difficulty when it comes to locating it.  This could be not further from the truth, especially when there are so many companies to choose from. Most companies will lure the consumer with the words such as real, remy, full-cuticle and often times virgin is used, but the reality is the quality is that of your local "beauty store".  This means that if you wear hair extensions of this quality, then you are more than likely purchasing NEW hair each time you have a weaving installation and or experiencing shedding, tangling and extreme dryness as well. Because these are very relevant concerns, The Bobbeelee Collection's team of skilled professionals, have worked strategically to provide not only a quality product, we also provide our customers with product knowledge, to ensure their hair extension experience is a pleasant one.  All of our hair is 100% pure and ranges in the highest levels of premium quality.  When shopping for hair extensions quality levels vary, thats why its imortant to know what your shopping for. Our hair is imported from Uzbeck and removed from one donor, the is to ensure that all the hairs are flowing in the same direction due to the proper cuticle alignment. Whether you are a novice in the weave experience or a weave connoisseur, we can supply every level of quality products. 

All of our hair is 6-A grade quality and
with proper care will last at least 2-3 years.

We ask that you take a minute to SWARM our site. Our branded collection lines are listed by levels of its quality, starting the line up you will find the Bobbee's Best Collection, which is our premium line, The Queen Bee, The Honey Bee, The Honeycomb, The Bumble Bee and The Yellow Jack Collection is our Closure and Frontal line geared towards the college student and the first time weave wearer.  Please BUZZ over to the TESTIMONIALS to see what other Bee-hive Beauties are saying about our product.  We recently added "The Wasp" which if for the grey haired woman, t The Black Jack which is or #613 Blonde, and the Stinger which is our Permed Yaki. Our owner has spent 35 years in the beauty industry and is very excited about responses and referrals from our customers.  You can also find pics of a few of our customers when you click on our" Bee-Hive Bee-uties" tab, maybe we can feature you next.  Thanks again for SWARMING the site, Bobbeelee Collection is the Bee-hive of Bee-uty with a STING of style! 

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Shop the Beehive Boutique

The Stinger Permed Yaki
Permed Yaki
Starting at $85.00
The Wasp Grey & Charcoal Hair
Gray & Charcoal
Starting at $65.00
BobBee's Best Premium
Premium Hair Line
Starting at $125.00
Queen Bee Peruvian HAIR
Starting at $50.00
Honey Bee Malaysian Hair
Starting at $45.00
Honeycomb Burmese Hair Line
Starting at $46.00
Bumblebee Brazillian Hair
Starting at $45.00
Black-Jack Blonde Hair #613
Blonde Hair Line
Starting at $90.00
Hornets Nest
Vibrant & Bold Color Line
Starting at $75.00


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